POST коды Phoenix BIOS.

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POST коды Phoenix BIOS (V.4.0 Release 6)

02Verify Real Mode.
03Disable Non-Maskable Interrupt (NMI).
04Get CPU type.
06Initialize system hardware.
08Initialize chipset with initial POST values.
09Set IN POST flag.
0AInitialize CPU registers.
0BEnable CPU cache.
0CInitialize caches to initial POST values.
0EInitialize I/O component.
8FDetermine number of ATA drives (optional).
90Initialize hard-disk controllers.
91Initialize local-bus hard-disk controllers.
92Jump to UserPatch2.
93Build MPTABLE for multi-processor boards.
95Install CD ROM for boot.
96Clear huge ES segment register.
97Fixup Multi Processor table.
98Search for option ROMs. One long, two short beeps on checksum failure.
99Check for SMART Drive (optional).
9AShadow option ROMs.
9CSet up Power Management.
9DInitialize security engine (optional).
9EEnable hardware interrupts.
9FDetermine number of ATA and SCSI drives.
A0Set time of day.
A2Check key lock.
A4Initialize Typematic rate.
A8Erase F2 prompt.
AAScan for F2 key stroke.
AEClear Boot flag.
B0Check for errors.
B2POST done — prepare to boot operating system.
B4One short beep before boot.
B5Terminate QuietBoot (optional).
B6Check password (optional).
B9Prepare Boot.
BAInitialize DMI parameters.
BBInitialize PnP Option ROMs.
BCClear parity checkers.
BDDisplay MultiBoot menu.
BEClear screen (optional).
BFCheck virus and backup reminders.
C0Try to boot with INT 19.
C1Initialize POST Error Manager (PEM).
C2Initialize error logging.
C3Initialize error display function.
C4Initialize system error handler.
C5PnPnd dual CMOS (optional).
C6Initialize notebook docking (optional).
C7Initialize notebook docking late.
C8Force check (optional).
C9Extended checksum (optional).
D2Unknown interrupt.
E0Initialize the chipset.
E1Initialize the bridge.
E2Initialize the CPU.
E3Initialize system timer.
E4Initialize system I/O.
E5Check force recovery boot.
E6Checksum BIOS ROM.
E7Go to BIOS.
E8Set Huge Segment.
E9Initialize Multi Processor.
EAInitialize OEM special code.
EBInitialize PIC and DMA.
ECInitialize Memory type.
EDInitialize Memory size.
EEShadow Boot Block.
EFSystem memory test.
F0Initialize interrupt vectors.
F1Initialize Run Time Clock.
F2Initialize video.
F3Initialize System Management Mode.
F4Output one beep before boot.
F5Boot to Mini DOS.
F6Clear Huge Segment.
F7Boot to Full DOS.

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